Tue, May 21, 2024


Cost of Doing Business

Source: The Council for Community and Economic Research 2018

The McAllen / Reynosa International Metro is consistently ranked number 1 or number 2 for having the lowest Cost of Living Index in the country by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness. This means that the overall cost of doing business in the McAllen / Reynosa International Metro is much lower than the National Average.

Labor Cost

Source: U.S. Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics

The average wage in McAllen is 29 % below the National Average ($17.65 McAllen MSA vs. $24.98 U.S.). Because McAllen has the lowest cost of living in the country, businesses are able to keep their cost of labor down. Proportionately, this gives the workforce in McAllen a higher disposable income.

Utility Cost

Texas Gas Service Company
Average Industrial $66.86+$0.035258 per CCF
Additional Surcharge $0.0023 per CCR
Source: Texas Gas Service
McAllen Public Utility
Water Base Fee $8.45
$1.35 per 1000 gal (<8,000 gal)
$1.65 per 1000 gal (8,000-12,999 gal)
$1.85 per 1000 gal (13,000 - 17,999 gal)
$1.95 per 1000 gal (>17,999 gal)
Source:McAllen Public Utility
Sewer Base Fee $10.50
$1.60 per 1000 gal (>19,999 gal)
$2.10 per 1000 gal (>20,000 gal)
Electrical (50+ Providers)
$01.26- avg rate per KY/H for transmission
$3.48 - $5.94 MM BTU Transmission Usage
$.046 - $0.052 avg rate per KW/H for usage
$15.01-$17.91 MM BTU Power Usage
Occupancy and Construction Cost
$0.40-$0.42 per square foot plus triple net $0.13-$0.18 Avg. Lease Rates
$42-$60 per square foot Avg Construction Rates
Corporate Income Tax0%
Personal Income Tax0%
City Sales Tax2%
County Sales Tax0%
State Sales Tax6.25%
Property Tax2.53%