With an international metro population of around 2,400,000, McAllen is at the center of a region rooted in various cultures and history while also looking forward to taking us to places never imagined. From access to thirty miles of coastline and harnessing dreams out of this world, McAllen’s location provides a secure, versatile, entertaining, and high-value quality of life. As a national leader in many retail spaces and a large advocate for the entrepreneurial business of any size, McAllen has created an ecosystem of large-city options while preserving the culture of a hometown lifestyle.

We welcome you to explore the many qualities McAllen has to offer.


Providing options for all ages, McAllen serves as the center of the region's entertainment mecca.A newly established state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center with a 1,800-seating capacity adjacent to a 5600-person total Convention center makes for the region's most extensive entertainment area. Entertainment within McAllen comprises international arts, culture, and cuisine, specifically those rooted in the Binational area's heritage.

McAllen is also home to the International Museum of Arts and Sciences dedicated to promoting a deeper appreciation of the arts and sciences through its exhibitions, cultural events, and educational programs; and preserving, expanding, and displaying its permanent art and science collection.

McAllen prides itself in preserving the various portions of its heritage and history. A 105-foot tall black granite five-sided spire stands tall, honoring the American spirit in one of McAllen's most visited centers east of the McAllen Convention center.

In the heart of McAllen, you can also learn about McAllen's early days and the evolution of its booming commerce at the McAllen Heritage Center.

Hosting more than 100 events and performances annually, within or around the city of McAllen, there is always something to enjoy and learn for the entire family.

The vast career options in McAllen are a reflection of the growing population and educational ecosystem. Career options include healthcare, governmental, and educational industries. The demand for careers within such areas is due to our unique position along the U.S./Mexico border.

As stated by the Texas Workforce Commission- https://www.twc.texas.gov/ - Trade, transportation, utilities, and manufacturing make up 20% of the region’s employment. Career opportunities within the McAllen MSA region are continually advancing due to the local educational system. The scholarly ecosystem works together to identify and sustain instruction in the local, state, national, and global advancement in technology.

Climate & Environment
Texas is known for its size and various climate changes throughout the state and the year. However, South Texas is known for its year-round tropical climate. Living in South Texas calls for shorts, flip flops, and a nice chilled drink in your hand most of the year. South Padre Island is 80 miles east of McAllen and has a significant ten-degree cooler temperature due to its southern coastal tip. Although the gulf coast falls within the hurricane ally path, McAllen averages 35 inches of rainfall a year, at a monthly rate of 2.9 inches. Sunshine makes up most of the year with an average high of 84.3 and 63.75 average low.

McAllen takes pride in preserving its natural beauty by doing its part in taking care of the community’s environment. The City of McAllen provides a state-of-the-art recycling center and offers an opportunity for all in the community to Keep Mcallen Beautiful. Learn more at:

McAllen Recycling Center

Keep McAllen Beautiful

McAllen is home to growing options for primary and secondary education. The local school systems are very much a part of the educational ecosystem within the McAllen region. Five public school system options and several private school system choices account for 203,614 students within the entire McAllen MSA. Within the two largest school systems: McAllen ISD and South Texas ISD, study tracts have been designed to provide academic and technical educational opportunities for students, including rigorous and relevant career preparation.

Below are some of the outstanding primary and secondary education options in McAllen.

School Districts

Public Charter Schools

Private Schools

Health Care

McAllen has more than 1300 hospital beds in five local area hospital systems. An international border calls for a variety of specialties, which have garnered national and international accolades. Specialty awards include those in cardiovascular health, breast cancer, diabetes, metabolic and bariatric studies, etc.

Recognized for maternity care, pediatric focus, and offering top-of-the-line neonatal intensive care, the local hospital systems provide for the young population's demands. Patient safety and urgent care continue to be the top priority at all McAllen hospital systems.

As the local population grows, so does the need for extensive research. In 2013, the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley launched its School of Medicine to use innovative, competency-based medical education to train the next generation of physicians.

Local Hospitals

Higher Education

In McAllen, there is an opportunity of advancing your education in any direction you take. We are home to varying degrees and certification programs within growing local industries and global demands. All of our educational institutions offer online options, making it feasible for any phase of life. Founded in 1993, South Texas College offers more than 120 degree & certificate options, including associate degrees in various liberal arts, social science, business, math, science, technology, advanced manufacturing, and allied health fields of study. Additionally, South Texas College is the only community college in Texas to offer five baccalaureate degrees. South Texas College has a faculty and staff of more than 2,700 to serve the college's five campuses, two higher education centers, and one virtual campus. Since 2000, the Dual Credit Programs have served 115,000 high school students at 70 high schools.

South Texas College

Additionally, the Higher Education Center of McAllen opened its doors in the fall of 2018. As part of the Texas A&M University, The Higher Education Center at McAllen is committed to supporting the area's educational needs. Texas A&M has started its presence in McAllen with five bachelor's degree paths with a specific focus on engineering and technology. A Master of Public Health degree is a multi-disciplinary professional degree program designed to provide practical training in public health practice areas. The degree concentration offered at the Texas A&M Higher Education Center at McAllen is in Health promotion and community health sciences. As part of the Texas A&M University's accreditation, McAllen's higher education center looks to build course options dependent on filling educational gaps and providing to the needs of the McAllen region, state of Texas, and internationally.

Click here to learn more: Office of Admission | Texas A&M University- Higher Education Center at McAllen | Texas A & M University

Advancing education remains top of mind for the community of McAllen. On the horizon are degree programs in technology, hospitality, engineering, and medical research. The McAllen region is dedicated to making impacts and creating solutions for global demands.


Ranked #3, as the best places to live for quality of life by U.S. News, McAllen MSA is home to more than 860 thousand individuals, with 280 thousand plus housing units. A median value of a home in the McAllen MSA is $84,000.00. Owner-occupied housing in McAllen MSA, at 68%, is higher than the state and national averages.

In 2019, 5,370 building permits were issued throughout the region for newly-privately owned homes. Within the area, several communities offer amenities for a private-lifestyle and growing families.

Tres Lagos is a remarkable new master-planned community with new Homes for Sale in McAllen, TX. Tres Lagos has an amazing vision for the future and a commitment to preserving the best qualities of traditional hometown neighborhoods. With advanced technology that creates a state-of-the-art living experience, Tres Lagos is the most innovative and secure community in the Rio Grande Valley.

Cimarron Country Club is minutes from McAllen, Texas, is a premier private country club offering the perfect ambience for elegant, social and business gatherings as well as challenging recreational facilities.

There's something about the tropics: the air, the birds, the blue skies. Once you discover it, you never want to leave it behind. Welcome to residential life at Sharyland Plantation. With its twenty-seven intimate neighborhoods hidden away in one of America’s finest residential communities, life at Sharyland Plantation is nothing short of magical.

International Relations

As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States, McAllen MSA is growing twice the rate of Texas. McAllen is 350 miles south of Houston, TX, a central international hub, and 143 miles north of Monterrey, Mexico, a prominent Mexican global hub. International relations continue to be imperative to the diverse region and state. World-wide partnerships continue to flourish in McAllen; with 56 total countries, we are free-trade ready.

Our unique location allows for a twin-plant model, international incentives, and a safe and convenient commute.

With the recent launch of the United States, Mexico, and Canada Agreement(USMCA), McAllen is suitable to meet the requirements for North American trade. McAllen EDC has an ongoing relationship with sister city Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where Index Reynosa serves as their local development corporation (INDEX: Consejo Nacional de la industria maquiladora y manufacturera de Exportación A.C.)

In support of our ongoing relationship, the City of McAllen has numerous events to join the two heritages and roots within the area. The local consulate’s office is located in McAllen for the convenience of any international relations, documentation, and aiding in the trade relationship. (Consulate of Mexico in McAllen: Mexico Consulate in McAllen)

U.S. Free Trade Partner Countries
Central & South America
Asia & Middle East
Central & South America
Leisure (Family Fun)

A population with a median age of 28, McAllen meets the need to entertain young professionals, students, and families of all ages. More than fifty percent of the McAllen MSA population are under 40 and always looking for family fun. McAllen is home to an award-winning public library, world-renown outdoor spaces, 1,016 acres of park space within 89 parks, three community centers, and 34 miles of hike and bike trails.

McAllen has made family -time a priority and has a dedicated portion of its entertainment to family fun, including movie theatres, roller rinks, trampoline parks, athletics activities, mini-festivals throughout the year, and so much.

Depending on your preference, we have provided you with links to the local family attractions. Whether inside or outdoors, we value time well spent with family and friends.

Below are some links that will help you explore the fun in McAllen.


McAllen is the central force within the MSA for a business of any size, education, healthcare, financial services, and so many more sectors. The power behind such success is due to the continued prioritization of networking services and opportunities available to professionals, families, and advocates throughout the region.

Several organizations are international, national, and even locally created organizations with a range of focus areas and objectives. Below is starting list of some local organizations that share a passion for the betterment of the community.

External Links

Outdoors, Recreation & Sports

In a tropical climate such as the one that makes up McAllen, there is enough for the entire family to enjoy.

With an average temperature high of 86 degrees, most of the fun in McAllen and the surrounding region has to do with the outdoors. McAllen has made it possible for all ages to enjoy their recreation outdoors and indoors safely. Entertainment available in various green spaces throughout the region. McAllen was recently identified as an ideal location to host the summer games of Texas, which is an Olympic-style festival, due to the various outdoor recreational amenities.

During the winter months, it cools down in McAllen, just enough to continue enjoying recreation outdoors. And when it cools down during the winter months, the outdoors is even more enjoyable.

Athletes of every level and every age have something to look forward to for advancing their athleticism or someone to cheer for on the field or the court. Countless programs have been designed to keep athletes in shape and focused on reaching a higher potential. Whatever age, children in McAllen can take part in traditional school athletic programs to private athletic programs. There is an array to choose from within McAllen and the surrounding area.

The Rio Grande Valley is also home to professional and Collegiate Division-1 sports programs. The University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley offers various sport spectating choices between women’s and men’s sports. The UTRGV sports complex and baseball field lend to a University experience for the entire family. The RGV Toros and RGV Vipers are housed in state-of-the-art newly developed facilities and host professional games throughout the year with alternating seasons.

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Restaurants & Spirits

McAllen has a reputation as the epicenter for #foodies and entertainment alike in the South Texas Region.

With a variety of cuisines, there is something for every weekend for every pallet. From a casual family night to an upscale four-course meal, McAllen has any experience covered. Of course, the top of the list is the most authentic Mexican and Texas BBQ restaurants, but international cuisine lends for learning about the worldly fare.

Created to encourage and showcase the region’s eateries, Taste McAllen is a local food festival to celebrate the many cuisines offered in McAllen and the surrounding area. Additionally, various events are hosted throughout the year to host the many spirits and beverages provided throughout the region.

For more information on eateries and spirits visit:


Every level of safety government is within the city of McAllen. Home to one of the largest U.S. Customs and Border Protection Headquarters along the Mexico/U.S. border makes McAllen a very secure location to live. The McAllen Station is responsible for patrolling 53 miles along the Rio Grande River.

McAllen Station operates out of a newly constructed 68,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility located right across from the McAllen Economic Development Corporation.

McAllen is home to one of the Texas Department of Public Safety offices.Adjacent to the Texas DPS offices is the McAllen Police Department Headquarters.

With various sub-stations throughout the city of McAllen, the MPD continually reduces the overall rate of crime in McAllen and the surrounding region. 2019 saw a reduction in multiple areas of crime rates.

McAllen is also very proud of its Nationally recognized Fire Department. The McAllen Fire Department's authorized strength is 171 paid firefighters and 12 civilian clerical staff for a total of 189 employees. The Department of Administration and four divisions: Fire Suppression, Prevention, Training, and Administrative Support. (Re: www.mcallen.net)

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Index Crime Rate
Average Monthrly Crime Rate is 196.9
This represents a decrease of 8.1% when compared to 2018.
Rape experienced a decrease of 17.1% when compared to 2018.
Theft experienced a decrease of 7.1% when compared to 2018.
Robbery experienced an increase of 46.9% when compared to 2018.
Motor Vehicle Theft experienced a 50.2% decrease when compared to 2018.

McAllen continues to be the Retail hub within the region because of the variation of options and centralized location. Due to the influx in shopping by visitors to our area, many places to shop in McAllen rank as #1 in the nation. Retail sales in 2019 Q4 reported $ 1,634,130,964.00. The close proximity to the international border allows visitors from the South of the Border a weekend or vacation to enjoy shopping within our retail space. It is a holiday ritual during various times of the year. McAllen is home to numerous shopping centers, plazas, and one of Simon Property’s top-ranked retail malls. McAllen’s La Plaza Mall, a Simon Property, continually ranks as one of their top shopped venues in North America.

Additionally, the local McAllen Chamber of Commerce embraces and enhances the small business model and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of the area. Locally-owned boutiques, shops, and vendors provide a quaint feel mixed in with international and national retailers. A local option offers the shopper supporting local, unique finds and a more personalized experience. Created to help the small business owner, The McAllen Chamber of Commerce continually provides small business support.

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Explore McAllen
La Plaza Mall
McAllen Means Business
Palms Crossing
Premium Outlets

McAllen is logistically positioned to provide convenient access for various modes of transportation and import and export operations. Five hundred miles south of Dallas, TX and 140 miles north of Monterrey, Mexico, McAllen provides a suitable central location for movement between two international hubs. Within the region there are 11 international bridges, four regional international airports, four rail access, three major interstates and two seaports. Creating a perfect mix for conducting business along the Mexico and US Border. Additionally, the McAllen Economic Development Corporation sits within the overweight corridor just five miles north of the Texas and Mexico border where $614.5 billion crossed in border trade in 2019. Exporting 41.7 percent and Importing 58.5 percent.

The McAllen-Miller International Airport houses two runways offering passenger seats on: United Airlines, American Airlines, Allegiant Air, and Aeromar. McAllen is also home to air cargo shippers, UPS, FEDEX and DHL.

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Anzalduas Bridge
McAllen-Hidalgo Bridge
McAllen Airport
Rio Valley Switching