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Rooted in McAllen

“The strong agricultural roots of McAllen continue to make us unique. As I was growing up in McAllen, all you could see were farms and orange groves as far as the eye could see. Crop dusting planes were everywhere, pick-up trucks and reefer trucks carrying produce were a common view,” explains Elio Botello Jr. of his growing up in McAllen while learning the ropes of the produce industry.

McAllen has its roots in growing and selling produce. Not only did McAllen excel at agriculture but it has always been a hub where produce from Mexico has crossed the border. The voracious appetite from the US and Texas for more produce has been the perfect driver to create a synergy of supply and demand. Savvy businesses in McAllen have capitalized on this demand to grow into one of the most important crossing points in the Produce supply chain from Oaxaca to Canada and everywhere in between.

Free and fair international commerce was the inception and continuing legacy for Botello Companies. With a start in Monterrey, Santa Catarina, Cancun and Reynosa Mexico in 1984, Elio Botello Sr. saw a need in McAllen that would start his family, planting roots here. Today they have a roster of more than 13 companies providing operations to support the growth of other companies in the area, this was always the vision and prime goal for Elio Botello since the inception of one of his first projects in McAllen back in 1991.

That first McAllen project, now infamously known as the McAllen Produce Terminal Market has helped many companies grow their operations and presence within North America.

Elio Botello, Sr.

The Botello family attributes the roots of their success to the help and facilitation from the City of McAllen in support of their first project. Throughout the years of working alongside McAllen EDC and the various McAllen mayors and commissioners, the pro-business environment has planted the seeds of growth for the Botello Family and the McAllen industrial sector.

Thirteen companies later, the Botello leadership is comprised of an “all-in-the-family” team. Elio Botello Sr. his son, Elio Botello Jr., and his son-in-law, Luis Fernando Narvaez, all share the responsibilities for various projects within the thirteen companies. Within those projects include the expansion of their operations in McAllen and in San Antonio. Their goal continues to be that of the first goal Mr. Botello Sr., had at the beginning, to help companies of any sizes prosper. “We have a vast portfolio of properties of various sizes that meets the needs of clients of almost any size whether they are growing or constricting their business at any given time,” explains Elio Botello, Jr.

Their measure of success comes from the success of those companies and clients whom they have helped along the way. The creation of new jobs, providing the space, infrastructure, technology, and cold storage to support the industry’s demand is the measure of success for the Botello legacy. One of their greatest indicators of success is how well their clients are doing and eventually outgrow the facilities provided by one of the Botello companies. “We have always been incredibly proud to be an incubator for business in McAllen,” Elio Jr., humbly explains.

Leaving his mark on McAllen’s industrial sector, Elio Botello Sr., has made sure it will continue by instilling the importance of a combination of education and hands-on learning. In order to be prepared to grow the business, he showed Elio Jr. and his son-in-law, Luis Fernando, the ropes by having him study every level of work that entailed the operational layers of the companies. One of the more impactful memories Elio Jr., reflects on is a summer he worked with the maintenance staff at the McAllen Produce Terminal Market as well as making produce deliveries to local markets and restaurants. In looking back, he understands and appreciates how those responsibilities and jobs make up very integral parts of the entire operation.

“Take risks,” is the advice Elio gives to anyone looking to do business in McAllen. McAllen has and continues to be the land of opportunity for those willing to put in the work and take risks. Wanting to do it, have the confidence to pursue the big dream. McAllen will help you along the way. Elio Jr. can’t stress it enough, “Never be afraid to do something bigger, whether it’s that dream restaurant you’ve always imagined or a million square foot warehouse, take the risk.”

To learn more, visit their website at: http://www.mcallenwarehouse.com